Press release

Fady Azzouny, CEO & Founder,

PetsNation and Vetwork to Become Vetwork LLC


New Cairo, Cairo, 24/9/2016 – Representatives from PetsNation and Vetwork announced this week that the two companies will be merging on 1/9/2017 resulting in Vetwork LLC

PetsNation was a leading force in Pet Health Care with more than 2000+ Members while Vetwork‘s expertise lies in Mobile App Development. The merger has come about to Make Pet Care Services easier and to increase revenue for both parties.

PetsNation was the first mobile Vet clinic in Egypt that worked for 3 years, providing its members with high end pet health services, unfortunately shut down due to managerial issues, at the same time keeping their customers satisfied and delivering the same quality of service till the shutdown.

“We are so excited & ready for the merge, all services for pet owners will now be available in a touch and through their mobile phones” Dr. Abdulreheem Huussien, PetsNation CEO

Vetwork is currently the first On-Demand PetCare Service Provider App in the world, where the pet owner can find Vets, dog walkers, trainers, groomers, etc… on Vetwork App, with one touch and to their doorstep.

“We are all enthusiasm, PetsNation’s operations are so precise that will make the process of pet health Care through Vetwork App appear so easy, which is the complete opposite.  Any Vet undergoes several tests and certifications to finaly be able to be approved by the Partners director to reiev requests from Pet Owners “formerly Head of PetsNation’s Medical Team”. Dr. Fady Azzouny, Vetwork CEO

The new company, Vetwork LLC, will focus on Delivering Reliable PetCare Services to the Largest Pet Owner Customer Base in Egypt then the Region through Our Enhanced Mobile App and will be officially opening on 7/9/2017 taking the Fifth settlement as the New headquarters and the App delivering the service will be available on iOS and Android.